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James Bond

Are you a fan of the famous MI6 Agent James Bond? Come see where the birthplace of the welled renowned James Bond movie, Dr. No was filmed. The remnants of the movie still remains at the resort. Come experience the agent in you. 


Explore the Pirate City

Explore the place that was once the richest and vibrant city in the world. Treasures of the sunken city still remains deep under the ocean. See the cannons and explore the Giddy house that is said to make you dizzy upon entering. The hunt for treasure is on!

     Situated in the famous historical town of Port Royal, once labeled “the wickedest and most sinful city in the world”, whose fame rivaled that of only Jamaica itself. Its riotous and romantic past is kept alive today as the remains of that era are preserved in the multiplicity of old Georgian architecture and artifacts throughout the town. Grand Hotel Excelsior is considered the newest proposition in Kingston’s range of preferred venues for dining, accommodation, banquets, weddings, retreats, seminars and relaxation. Boasting the distinction of being the only Airport hotel in Kingston and the only hotel that can offer ocean front rooms. 60 newly refurbished rooms and suites depict memorable Georgian taste and style, preserving the historic appeal of the property, in a way only fine red brick can. The hotel also boasts a full service Marina with fresh water, electricity, diesel fuel, 24 hours security and customs clearance for visiting yachts and permanent moorings. Two restaurants will satisfy the taste of the most discerning guest. The completely redone “Quartemaine” Restaurant beckons the palate in tones of warm yellow with fine dining served under old world chandeliers, where sumptuous seafood is served in a relaxed ambience. The “GHE Restaurant” restaurant and pub offers casual dining quayside. The bar at the Grand Hotel Excelsior continue to draw pirates and wenches alike.

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